Student Affairs and Services Office

     In accordance with CMO No. 09 series of 2013, SASO provides a set of student-centered activities and services in support of academic instruction intended to facilitate holistic and well-rounded student development for active involvement as future responsible citizens and leaders. Academic support services are those that relate to student welfare, student development and those that relate to institutional programs and services. 


Section 1: Office of the Dean of Students

      The Office of the Dean of Students leads directs and administers overall functions of the Student Affairs services. It also provides basic services that are necessary to serve the well-being and development of students. Visit this office if you have concerns regarding the school policies, problems with your fellow students, and complaints about the college's staff.

  • Responsible for the judicious implementation of institution rules and regulations governing students' behavior and conduct.
  • Members of the Student Discipline Committee are the following: Academic Dean, MDP Director/Campus Minister, One Faculty Dorm Manager (if the concerned student is staying in the Dormitory), and SBO President. 

Section 2: Office of the Guidance Counselor

      The office of the Guidance Counselor provides guidance services, counseling, appraisal, follow-up, referral, and career and job placement services. 


Section 3: Office of the Ministerial Development Program Director

  1. Responsible for the Spiritual Formation of the students from Grade 11-12 of SHS to 1st year to 4th-year college level. Spiritual Formation includes chapel service, small groups discipleship, retreat, fellowship, prayer meetings, and other activities that help students to grow in their personal relationship with God.
  2. Coordinate with the community and churches as partners in helping the students develop and enhance their leadership effectiveness in the ministry. 
  3. Supervise and monitor students who are under the internship program.

Section 4: Office of the Student Body Organization

      The Student Body Organization (SBO) is the highest governing body of the students. It is composed of the SBO President, SBO Vice President, SBO Secretary, SBO Treasurer, SBO Auditor, SBO Press Relation Officer, and two SBO Business Managers. They are elected by the students every two years. Any student officially enrolled at PCM becomes a regular member of the SBO. The SBO President and Vice President must be from the 3rd and 4th-year level with good academic standing and not under disciplinary probation. 


Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Regulate activities of the students;
  2. Promote spiritual, academic, physical, and social discipline; 
  3. Enhance earnest involvement in the ministry and community/college service and enrich educational experience through maintenance of social discipline;
  4. Partner in the promotion activity of the school;
  5. Serve as coordinating body of all students organization in the school;
  6. Represents the opinions of the undergraduate student body and provides a channel for communication between the student body and the administration. it also provides a forum for the expression of student views and interests and to settle any disputes that arise among members of the Student Body Organization. 

Section 5: Office of the Campus Publication

      Responsible for the official publication and other student-oriented print and non-print media of the college. 


Name of PCM Publication: Diakonos

Responsibilities of the Campus Publication Staff

  • Document every activity of the school
  • Produce a Campus Paper once every Semester
  • Produce a Monthly Newsletter for Sponsors
  • Update the PCM Website, post news, and information on PCM page