The program of study offered at Philippine College of Ministry seeks to implement the purpose of the college and prepare workers for the Church. Classes provide students with an acquaintance with the disciplines classified as:

  • Biblical and Theological
  • Humanities and Practical Ministries
  • Social and Physical Sciences
  • Comparative Religions

All of these disciplines are essential to the academic preparation of Christian leaders.


Degree Programs

Philippine College of Ministry offers the following programs of study:

The Bachelor of Arts in Theologya four-year degree program that prepares the student for the ministry on a professional level. The student will be trained and equipped with strong Christian virtues; the student will be able to acquire the necessary education and skills in order to advance him into the ever-changing and challenging world. 

  • Upon completion of this degree, the student will get not only a diploma but also an opportunity to take Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).
  •  The curriculum is designed for students who want to pursue a teaching profession. 
  • Majoring in Values Education

Many church members who are studying at the other colleges and universities in Baguio enjoy taking courses part-time at the Philippine College of Ministry to enhance their ability to serve in their own congregations.


Philippine College of Ministry believes that its allegiance to the doctrinal and ethical standards of the Bible would be compromised by admitting students whose sexual orientation is directed to members of their own gender. The College, therefore, reserves the right to refuse admission to or suspend anyone embracing the homosexual lifestyle. Application for admission from a potential student with such an orientation may be considered following an interview with the Dean of Students and a stated willingness to refrain from such a lifestyle.


Philippine College of Ministry gives major emphasis to the offering of courses in Bible, religion, theology, music, and preaching not normally offered by the secular university and which can be offered by a Christian college in a manner more conformable to the needs of church workers. The college is in a constant plan of upgrading its curriculum and facilities. The following rules apply to each of the three baccalaureate degree concentrations offered at the Philippine College of Ministry.

  • Passing grades must be received in all classes required for graduation. Any class wherein the student received the grade of "F" may not be used to qualify for graduation.
  • Only classes are taken at Philippine College of Ministry, another Bible College, or university level institution of higher learning may be used for credit toward graduation. Classes may be challenged or the Academic Dean may give credit on the basis of life experience only after examination.
  • Credit will be given for classes only after all fees for that semester have been paid. Even if the professor issues a grade to the student, grades will not be entered on the official transcript until all fees are paid.
  • Two years of Greek or two years of Hebrew or one year of Greek and one year of Hebrew are required for the BTh degree with language designation. However, two years of Biblical language are required for entrance to most graduate theological programs.




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