Philippine College of Ministry is about academic excellence. We are proud of our excellent curriculum, excellent faculty, excellent library, excellent facilities, and all-around quality of the education we provide for our students. We are proud of every one of our graduates. Their knowledge and skills have been built up by four years of the PCM academic program-a program designed to give them the solid foundation they need to be the best Christian leaders possible.


We have high standards at PCM-no one gets an "easy" education here. But our challenging program is designed to gradually develop the skills and knowledge that students acquire. All of our professors and instructors are committed to helping our students succeed. Our challenging courses and academic standards develop not only knowledge and skills, but also character and integrity.


In large universities and colleges, where student-to-faculty ratio is often as high as 40 to 1, students are lost in a sea of other students. Our student-to-faculty ratio is 8.6 to 1. This means that our students can have individual attention in problem areas. Counseling and advising students is a normal part of a PCM professor's work. In addition to all of our strategies and goals to help our students reach their potential, our faculty is half Filipino and half American, which means that our graduates understand and speak English very well.


The PCM library is an impressive collection for a college of its size. With more than 14,000 volumes, our library is one of the best in the nation for colleges of our size. These books in our library are not just there to take up space on the shelves, they are relevant to the needs of modern Bible college students. We have excellent reference books, series, modern authors, and old classics. With our commitment to academic excellence, our goal is to constantly expand and improve our library.


Computer Lab
Our Computer Lab has Mac Mini computers with printers available for the students to use. We require classes in Keyboarding (typing), word processing, and other useful computer programs.


Student Affairs and Services Office (SASO)

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